Hi there, my name is Anton Hristov. I created this website to share thoughts, learnings and resources about how technological development can benefit society and vise versa. I invite you to explore with me how we can leverage technology to create better tools and solutions for improving our food, health, energy, education and way of life as both, individuals and society.

Along the way I hope to inspire you, my fellow human, to dream big, think long-term and work on solving big-impact problems so we can, collectively, advance human potential and move humanity forward.

I’m an engineer at heart and a business person by trade with a strong passion about technology, innovation, systems engineering and the way we interact with the world around us. My interests are:

Innovation – new product development and commercialization.

I believe innovation requires cross-discipline collaboration and thinking inside the box, not outside of it, where the box is defined as a set of constraints such as time, resources and laws of physics.

Technology – software development, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

I believe success requires focus and focus requires saying NO to many things, including those phenomenal ideas that keep us awake at thing, so we can stay focused on the thing at hand.

Data – analysis and visualization.

I believe data is a beautiful creature, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Design – products, systems and organizations.

I believe we should make beautiful, easy-to-use products that people go out of their way to buy and love to use.

Human behavior – communication, collaboration and negotiation.

I believe we should deliver more than expected to our friends, colleagues, customers and partners.

Entrepreneurship – building successful companies.

I believe an organization should own and control the main technologies and customer experience for its products and participate only in marketers where it can make a significant impact.

Investment – venture capital and value-based investing.

I believe we shouldn’t settle for anything other than excellence in everything we do and we should treat everyone with respect.

In addition to my interests and beliefs I value:

  • Simplicity - beautiful is better than ugly, simple is better than complex.
  • Speed - don’t let perfection get in the way of progress. The sooner you ship, the faster you will learn.
  • Integrity - do the right thing and be equally honest - mentally, physically, spiritually - with yourself and others.
  • Openness - be open to new ideas, beliefs, approaches and always default to transparency.
  • Diversity - be different and celebrate diversity

I hope that you'll find something useful here and join the conversation.