Having two monitors for online meetings with screen share for demos and PowerPoint presentations is very convenient. You can share one screen and look at or take notes on the other. But what if you are like me and your workspace is small and you have a desktop computer with room for only one monitor on your desk?

You can split the screen in two or more parts with screen split software such as the LG OnScreen Control however, when you click to start a PowerPoint slideshow or play a video in full screen it takes up the entire screen and not just the initially designated area. So, you can’t really look at your presenter notes while a PowerPoint slideshow is running on your shared screen.

It appears that there isn't yet a pure software solution to having PowerPoint presenter view and slideshow running side by side on a single monitor. But if we add hardware to the mix, we can have an elegant, borderless two-screen solution without having a dual monitor setup.

Here’s what you need to make it work:

  • Monitor with 4k (3840x2160) resolution and Picture by Picture (PBP) mode - in my case LG32UD99-W
  • Graphics card that supports 4k resolution - in my case Asus GeForce GTX 1080
  • Two display cables - in my case DisplayPort and HDMI

The reason it is best to have a 4k monitor is because when you split the screen in two, you can adjust the resolution to get two 1080p (1920x1080) screens.

Here’s how to set it up. Connect your monitor and computer with the two cables, so that the monitor thinks it has two inputs while your computer thinks it is displaying to two displays.

Next, set the monitor to picture by picture (PBP) mode with the respective inputs.

Finally, open your Display settings and set Multiple displays to “Extend these displays”.

This is it. You now have two side-by-side, borderless screens to work with just like as if you were to have two physical monitors. If you start a PowerPoint slideshow, it will display it on one half of your monitor while presenter view will show on the other half. Note that the resolution of each screen is 1920x2160 and if you are sharing your screen in an online meeting, you should change the resolution of the shared screen, or both, to 1920x1080 to ensure optimal viewing experience for your audience.

Also, note that you may need to play with the Display settings to set the right display order. And once you turn off the PBP mode, you will need to update the Display settings to display your desktop on a single monitor.