In 2017 I adopted the OKRs framework for setting personal and family goals for the year. Those goals are in addition to the ones my wife and I have at work. I'm happy to share my personal OKRs with the world to the world and hope to hear from more people who set family goals as well.

I like experimenting and this year I will augment the OKRs framework by adding a "next step" for each key result so that I'm prompted to take action each time I review the OKRs. I tend to review the OKRs every week and will update the next steps as I make progress. I don't plan on sharing my next steps because it will be too much noise, but please reach out if you would like to share how you go about setting and achieving personal and family goals. Here are my personal OKRs for this year.


Become a better software engineer

  • Build a family inventory management app for iOS

I work at the intersection of people, technology and design. Working on this end-to-end pet project will help me improve my technical and design skills while getting first-hand experience with the current state of the mobile app dev, test and delivery technology stack.


Improve overall physical well-being

  • Slept 8h on average each month
  • Body fat has dropped from 18.9% to under 15% 
  • Run 300km

During the first half of last year I managed to achieve and maintain my desired weight of 77kg as you can see on the following graph showing my weight between Jan 1, 2017 to Jan 1, 2019.

And to put things into a larger perspective, here is what the data looks like since I started tracking my weight back on April 5, 2013.

I plan to share next month more details about what helped me get to my target weight. As for this year, it is all about for my wife and I to get the amount of sleep we need, which will be quite the challenge with a toddler at home, and for me to convert some of that 19% body fat on the graph below into muscle while maintaing my weight.


Socialize more as a family

  • Had 15 brunches with another family over the weekends

My wife and I don’t get much time to ourselves outside of work and being with our son, so I will take the initiative to organize weekend brunches where we can socialize with other people as a family.


Increase value of family assets

  • Returned 20% on investments

This has become a default goal for our family and I’m in charge to figure out how to achieve it, regardless of the expected market conditions.

I will post a retrospective at the end of the year. In the meantime, have a great, healthy and fun year, everyone!